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East Enders star Adam Woodyatt reportedly has split with his wife Beverley Sharp after 22 years of being together. A spokesperson for the actor said that Adam and Beverley separated in August 2019, but we ask that the privacy of the family is respected. In the year 1998, Adam and Beverly were married, and they have two grown-up children together. 

Since the first episode of the EastEnders in 1985, Adam is well known for playing the iconic role of Ian Beale on EastEnders. It was confirmed that Adam is going to take a break from Albert Square as a part of the big storyline at the early of August. According to EastEnders, Ian is going to be off-screen which is a part of a big storyline. It is unclear how long it will be and also bosses are keeping tight-lipped. 

In the drama, Ian is currently hiding a dark secret about the death of Dennis Rickman. Things are not looking great for him as the Queen Vic which Sharon and Ian now own reopens. It has been confirmed by EastEnders that the soap will be finally returning on 7th September to our screen. An executive producer of the soap, Jon Sen speaks about the return of the soap. He said that, at the moment, we have clearly taken light on Queen Vic. Our ambition was to come back on TV with something big and certainly, this autumn does that. 

 As soon as Albert Square revives, the drama returns at a pace. There are certainly some new challenges working within guidelines of social distancing, but I am incredibly proud of the achievement of everyone. The show is looking incredible and fantastic, and we can’t wait for the beginning of series two. 

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