Anita Dunn Bio

Anita Babbit Dun, commonly known as Anita Dunn is a senior advisor to the presidential campaign of Joe Biden. Anita is also a political strategist who was an Acting White House Communications Director in 2009. For a strategic communications firm in Washington, D.C., she serves as a managing director.

Anita Dunn Early life and Education

Anita Dunn was born on January 8, 1958. Anita was raised by her parents Albert E. Babbitt and Carol Hutto Babbit in Bethesda, Maryland. Her uncle is Milton Babbitt., a modernist composer. 

Anita completed her bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland, College Park with specialization in Arts.

Anita Dunn Career

Anita Dunn started her first job as an intern in Carter White House, for White House Communications Director Gerald Rafshoon. Later on for chief of staff Hamilton Jordan. She earlier worked with U.S. Senator John Glenn. She then worked as an advisor and communications director and chief strategist for the presidential campaign of Senator Bill Bradley. But her career took a path when then-Senator Barack Obama appointed her for the Hope Fund. This appointment led her to join the Obama for America campaign in April 2008. She served as a director of communications, policy and research operations for the campaign. Then Anita worked as interim White House Communications Director. Her work started in April 2009, but she left in November. After leaving the post, her husband Bob Bauer was named White House counsel. Leaving her position as White House communications director she started to work in a strategic communications firm in Washington, D.C., SKDKnickerbocker. In the 2012 Obama campaign, she was again connected to Obama. She helped Obama for his debates. Currently, in 2020, Anita is hired as senior advisor for Joe Biden 2020 presidential campaign.

Anita Dunn Family, Children, Age, Net-worth

 Anita Dunn is married to a former partner at Perkins Coie and former personal counsel to President Obama, Robert Bauer. Robert was a White House Counsel and also the general counsel of Obama for America. Anita and Robert together have 2 children. Anita is 62 years old and celebrates her birthday on January 8. As of 2020, her estimated net worth is $850,000.

Anita Dun Facts and Information
NameAnita Dunn
BirthdayJanuary 8
EducationUniversity of Maryland, College Park
ProfessionWhite House Communications Director(April 2009 -November 2009)
PartyThe Democratic Party
SpouseRobert Bauer

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