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Despite the Administration’s strong dependence on Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed program, Joe Biden has been chastised for taking sole credit for America’s vaccine roll-out. Because of the progress he had done in working with vaccine manufacturers, the new President announced to address the nation on Thursday night that as of May 1. He announced that all American adults would be able to receive the COVID vaccine. Conservative commentators, on the other hand, are now blaming the Commander-in-Chief for failing to recognize the role played by his predecessor in the process.

On his Fox News show, Sean Hannity led the outrage stating, saying, ‘Joe, you want unity? Why don’t you just express your gratitude to Donald Trump? You suggest you want us all to get along. Joe, without Trump, there would be no vaccine. Stop claiming credit for something you have nothing to do with, to be honest. ‘Not a single thing.’ ‘Biden taking credit for the vaccine is just completely astonishing, but not unexpected,’ Katie Pavlich tweeted to her 807,000 Twitter followers.

Terrence K. Williams, the actor, inquired, “Who let him out of the basement?” ‘In this terrible presidential address, Joe Biden is taking credit for the things that President Trump made happen. The vaccine’s rollout has been effective thanks to Trump’s Operation Warp Speed.’ Last April, the Trump administration launched Operation Warp Speed to expedite the production, manufacturing, and distribution of COVID vaccines.

People on both sides of the aisle have praised the public-private relationship. And mass media outlets including ABC and The New York Times have recently credited Trump with helping the vaccines succeed. Biden has been chastised by both publications for failing to recognize that fact. Meanwhile, former New York Congresswoman Nan Hayworth blasted Biden for referring to his own government ‘over and over again’ while referencing vaccination in his speech on Thursday night. ‘Operation Warp Speed is the ONLY reason he can do some of the things he’s doing for vaccines and vaccination,’ she posted on Twitter. ‘Remember when Joe Biden and Kamala Harris spent months lying about not trusting the vaccine because President Trump spearheaded Operation Warp Speed. They’re now attempting to demand credit for it. PEOPLE WHO ARE Sick, wrote by Author Scott Fishman.

‘The main fraud is Joe Biden taking credit for the vaccine,’ Juanita Broderick, a Bill Clinton accuser, said. ‘Two months ago, this country didn’t have nearly enough vaccine supply to vaccinate all or even close to all of the American public, but we will soon,’ Biden said in his speech. “We’ve been partnering with vaccine companies like Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson to produce and buy hundreds of millions of doses of these three safe and effective vaccines.” ‘Now, at my guidance and with my administration’s assistance, Johnson & Johnson is collaborating with a rival, Merck, to speed up and expand the manufacturing potential of a new Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which is a one-shot vaccine.’ In reality, I just announced it yesterday and met with the CEOs of both companies. I declared our intention to purchase an additional 100 million vaccine doses from Johnson & Johnson.’

However, Biden made no mention of Warp Speed or the fact that Trump had already agreed to buy enough doses from Pfizer and Moderna to treat 200 million adults. He had also agreed to purchase 100 million more from J&J once the FDA gave its approval. By the beginning of the summer, the order would have practically included all adult Americans.

In a recent report, ABC reported that “Biden benefited immensely from the waves of vaccine development that the Trump administration had set in motion,” while The New York Times stated that “Biden benefited hugely from the waves of vaccine production that the Trump administration had set in motion.” Following Biden’s address, Kayleigh McEnany tweeted screenshots of both posts, writing: ‘Even the media recognizes the Trump administration’s position in vaccine production and procurement, but President Biden refuses to tell the reality.’

Even The Washington Post reported after Biden’s speech on Thursday that Biden’s attempt to portray the vaccine roll-out as a success story was “overstated.” President Trump had vowed to administer 100 million shots in his first 100 days in office, but he was still on track to achieve that target. “To achieve the target, Biden primarily needed to keep things moving in the right direction,” the paper wrote. It’s a stretch to view this as some unimaginable feat. ‘ Around 33.9 million Americans have been completely vaccinated against COVID-19 as of Thursday. A total of 30.2 million people have received at least one vaccine injection, either from Moderna or Pfizer.

The former president said that he “hopes everyone remembers” who was in charge when the vaccines were developed as the 100 millionth dose is due to be administered in the coming days. ‘I hope everybody remembers when they get the Covid-19 (also known as the China Virus) vaccine that if I weren’t president, you wouldn’t get that beautiful shot for at least five years, and probably wouldn’t get it at all,’ he said. Trump’s statement was released on The Office of Donald J. Trump’s letterhead, but it was eerily close to his tweet, which he hasn’t been able to send since he was suspended from Twitter after the wake of the Capitol riot on January 6.

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