Jack Paul creates a riot once again but this time by calling out former UFC Champion at one of the biggest names Conor McGregor. McGregor is raked 12 in UFC men’s pound for pound ranking and four in the UFC lightweight ranking. Jake seems to be  doing all of this on an attempt to secure a fight with this champion. Jake is going in full throttle by releasing a profanity filled video calling  out McGregor and insulting his fiancée by calling her a four while at the same time calling out the UFC president Dana White. 

Paul also shares a screenshot of a DM sent to McGregor accompanied with caption that 50 million with proof of funds got you curious huh? And with the message that states take the fight which was left unseen. Jake took things a step further and decided to make Conor’s wife his only follower on Instagram. Paul also pulled a drive by stunt on McGregor’s teammate Denis that appeared to be staged calling McGregor for a boxing match. 

As the bleater fighter Denis was filming an episode of below the belt with Brendan Schwab, Paul hurled water balloons and toilet paper from the bed of a pick-up truck. Since, he knocked out former Star Nate Robertson and co-main event of Mike Tyson vs. Jones Jr. last month, Paul has intensified his rivalry with McGregor and Davis. 

Dana White replies to Paul claiming that he has zero chances of fighting McGregor as he is one of the greatest fighter on earth right now. She also states that, he should not be fighting kids that have YouTube videos. After Jake’s comment about Conor and his family went viral, UFC’s Nathan Diaz takes time to slam Jake on Twitter in 15th December 2020 by saying “Jack Paul u need your ass beat for free u spoiled fuck u can’t really fight dumbshit you gonna end up with your ass whooped for real somewhere talking like that. All this internet drama and smack talk went on with Jake replying and Nate replying to Jake but with all this said, we didn’t really hear much from Conor or his wife. 

Paul really called D Delvin a four and went on to say that Conor could do better. Despite all the talk and profanity exchange from Paul’s side, Conor and his wife are silent on the topic. While all this immaturity is displayed by Jake Paul, it is obvious that McGregor would not want to react to this immaturity and show any form of interest nor would his wife.

 With that being said, despite the 50 million dollar deal, we won’t be expecting a fight between McGregor and Paul anytime soon. However, Paul is scheduled to fight the former MMA Championship Ben Askren next year. 

One thought on “Conor McGregor wife reacts to Jake Paul’s message”
  1. So it looks like Jake Paul wants to fight a real MMA fighter now. From what I read Ben Askren has agreed to fight Jake in the boxing ring. This should be a much more interesting opponent than Nate Robinson. I’m looking forward to watching this one.

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