Daniel Lutz Bio: Net Worth, Education, Career, Politics, Controversy, 2020 Governor Elections West Virginia

Daniel P. Lutz is also known as “Danny”. Danny Lutz is an American politician, writer, farmer, and former U.S Air Force Major. In the 2020 Governor election, he was nominated by the Mountain Party for the office of Governor at its virtual State Convention on June 20, 2020.

Daniel Lutz Early Life And Education

Daniel Lutz, the 2020 West Virginia Governor Elections contender was born on March 8, 1949. He was raised in Charles Town, West Virginia. His family is from Eastern Panhandle. From childhood, he is rooted in Presbyterian faith. Even today, every Sunday he goes to the local church to teach children. Daniel is currently 71 years old.

Daniel Lutz completed his undergraduate degree from West Virginia University. Daniel attended American University for his graduate degree.

Daniel Lutz Family

Denial’s personal life is kept private. There is no much information about his wife, children or any other thing.

Daniel Lutz Early Career

Lutz is initially a first and then a writer. Being a writer, he has written various plays. The 1922 Treason Trial of Bill Blizzard, the Miners’ General are among the plays he has written. In addition to that, he has also served in the U.S Air Force. He retired from the Air force as a Mayor. He had also been a part of the Vietnam war.

Daniel Lutz Political Career

Currently, Lutz serves on the West Virginia Mountain Party’s State Executive Committee. He also was a  lieutenant governor of the Eastern Division of the West Virginia Kiwanis Club.

Daniel Lutz Elections

In 2014, for the first time Denial ran for the post of a public officer after getting a ticket from the Mountain Party. He challenged Paul Espinosa of Republicans. He got defeated and had 22% of the vote.

In 2016, being a farmer he was elected for Conservation District Supervisor. His presence did so well that on June 9, 2020, he was re-elected for the post.

With the ticket of the Mountain Party, he ran for Congress in 2018. He challenged Rep. Alex Mooney of Republicans. He is the second person from the Mountain party to run for  West Virginia’s 2nd congressional district. Daniel defected the previous record of 1.25% of the vote by getting 3.07 % of the vote.

The Mountain Party again nominated Lutz in June 2020 through the virtual State Convention. Lutz is running for the office of Governor for the 2020 year election.

Daniel Lutz Social Media

Lutz is not that active on social media accounts. It’s difficult to find his official social media account.

Daniel Lutz Facts and Information
NameDaniel Lutz
BirthdayMarch 8
EducationWest Virginia UniversityAmerican University 
ProfessionFarmer, Writer
Political PartyThe Mountain(Green)
Candidate The office of Governor
ServiceThe United States Air Force
RankThe Major

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