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Humberly Gonzalez is a Venezuelan-born Canadian star best known for playing Brooklyn 2 on the Hulu science-fiction drama series Utopia Falls.

In 2018 she played the lead role of Gabriela in the award-winning Dutch-Belgian drama film “We”. For her work on the short film “FOMO,” she received her first on-screen acting credit in 2017. However, she made her acting debut with the 2015 short “It’s Not You.”

 Humberly Gonzalez Short Bio

She was born and raised in Toronto, she went to school in her hometown. González attended and graduated from the local high school in her hometown before enrolling in higher education. Humberly currently lives in her old neighborhood in Toronto, Canada.

Real NameHumberly Gonzalez
Nick NameHumberly
BirthdayApril 25, 1992
Age29 years old (in 2021)
BirthplaceToronto, Canada
Food HabitVegetarian
Net Worth$800k(As of 2021)

Humberly González studied acting at the Canadian Film Center. She participated in the Conservatory program of the prestigious Canadian Film Center.

After completing this course, she attended another prestigious drama school, the National Drama School of Canada in Montreal. This further shows that Ella Humberly is not only a good actress, but also a cultured artist with extensive knowledge of the arts.

Humberly Gonzalez Net Worth and Salary

Humberly Gonzalez has total Net Worth of $800k as of 2021 data. Her primary source of income is her film Career.  

Humberly Gonzalez Career

Humberly is currently starring in the popular TV series Ginny & Georiga, which premiered in 2020 this year. She could be seen as Sophie Sanchez. Other than that, Humberly has two more movies to offer. This year she came up with a short film called Guru, in which she played the role of Jessica Matthews. Also, her new movie Nobody will be released next year. People are very excited to see her in the movie where she will appear as Lupita.

The actress “Ginny & Georgia” blessed her parents with her birth on April 25, 1992. She was born in the Canadian city of Toronto. Starting in 2020, she will be 28 years old and take a step towards 30 in 2021. Her zodiac sign is Taurus and she shares her birthday with legendary Hollywood actor Al Pacino.

Humberly can now be seen on the conventional TV deal Ginny and Georiga, which shipped in 2020 for the current year. She has appeared as Sophie Sanchez. Aside from these, Humberly is thinking of two additional movies.

This year she is thinking about a short film called Guru, in which she took on the role of Jessica Matthews. Also, the new movie hers Nobody will deliver in a year. People are excited to see her in this movie where she will appear as Lupita.

Humberly Gonzalez is a Venezuelan and Canadian born in Toronto, Canada. She there she spent all her youth.

She is known as an animator in movies and TV arrangements like Orphan Black, Shadowhunters, In the Dark, etc.

Humberly’s estimated total assets are not yet known. Either way. She has told the media that all of her information will be released very soon.

She firmly accepts that her private life has nothing to do with her professional vocation, so she hasn’t found out much about her love life as a legal guardian.

She can be seen dynamically here and there in various web-based media scenarios, such as Instagram and Twitter.

Humberly Gonzalez Movies and Series

Shortly after graduating from film school, the beautiful actress began her journey to the film industry. She got her first break with Don McKellar’s 2015 short film “It’s Not You.”

Humberly Gonzalez can currently be seen on Netix’s “Ginny & Georgia”. The other main actors in the new Netix show are Antonia Gentry (Ginny), Diesel La Torraca (Austin), Brianne Howey (Georgia Miller), Jennifer Robertson (Ellen), Sara Waisglass (Maxine), Felix Mallard (Marcus), etc.

In 2017, Humberly González was a guest on the series “Shadowhunters”. In 2017 she appeared in one of the episodes of the television series “Shadowhunters”. She played the role of a camper in this series. In the same year she appeared again in another popular television series “Orphan Black”. Humberly appeared in two episodes and featured the character of “Ana.”

Humberly González began her career in entertainment shortly after graduating from high school. She had a humble beginning and by the time she was 20 she had already started working. As an aspiring artist, she thought of LMS at a young age. She chose her career path very early in her life and hasn’t looked back since.

Humberly Gonzalez Personal Life

Physical appearance as an actress, keeping fit is part of her resume. That is why she needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle that is accompanied by good nutrition and daily workouts.

Therefore, Humberly González has a regular training program. She goes to the gym regularly and is not a vegetarian. As a Latina, she already has a divine body and is working hard to maintain it.

Her family background is very humble and she remembers her childhood days when she was full of love and warmth. Humberly’s father is named Humberto and her mother is Liliana. She credits her parents for her constant support and encouragement. But the Venezuelan-Canadian actress is a very reserved person. She believes that her personal life is not meant for other people, so she has not revealed any details about her parents or siblings.

Humberly Gonzalez Dating and Boyfriend

The only thing that Humberly González has not shunned in her personal life is her boyfriend. She has been in a long-term relationship for over 5 years.

The “Orphan Black” actress has been dating Canadian documentary filmmaker and photographer Jonathan Groenewegen since July 30, 2015, the same year Humberly made her debut.

They have been together and head over heels in love ever since. On her fifth anniversary, Jonathan took to his Instagram account to wish her wife love and described her as “the love of her life.”

Humberly and Jonathan celebrated 5 years of union in 2020. The couple look adorable together and have been supporting each other for a long time. We really hope they last forever.

Humberly Gonzalez Social Media

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