Gotham Knights Revealed: A new batman series. Article by Celeb tribune

The waiting time for Batman’s fans is over now. After a whole 7 years wait for the next game, WB Games Montréal has finally released the trailer. The trailer for the new Batman game was released on 23 August 2020 during the DC FanDome event this week. DC and WB Games Montréal, the studio producing Batman: Arkham Origins entitled the game Gotham Knights.

The trailer starts by announcing that Batman’s(Bruise Wayns) body is found to be buried under the wreckage due to an explosion in Gotham city. Soon after that, Batman’s four successors of the world are introduced in the frame. The four allies, Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) Robin (Tim Drake), Nightwing (DickGrayson), and the Red Hood (Jason Todd) receive a good-bye message from Batman.

The trailer further shows that the Bruise handovers a great responsibility of saving the city to his protectors as he is not there now. This comes as no surprise to the fans as they can expect it from the ending of Batman: Arkham Origins. The designer of the show has introduced all the four characters with their unique style and personality.

Nightwing is the optimistic and wise leader, Batgirl is a fighter with a determination just like Batman, Robin is the youngest and genius detective, Red Hood is a weaponry-skilled, intense and strong.

In terms of superpower, we see some unique abilities. Batgirl is seen swinging between buildings, Nightwing is seen with extraordinary acrobatic moves, Robin is fast with teleporting power, Red Hood shows some dangerous shots with guns.

Meanwhile, in the end, the trailer also spills the beans of the Court of Owls Society which can be played as an online co-operative experience with solo or multiplayer.

The plot of Batman’s death is still not that worth believing. Batman’s death will be unlocked after playing the game. The Gotham Knights are set to release in 2021. Fans are already excited for this game. They will experience an action pack and fun loaded game.

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