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In an interview on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” John Stephens, better known as John Legend, explained how he came up with his stage name. The singer has already won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony, so “Legend” seems like an apt stage name, but the 42-year-old explained that he chose the name before he even had a record deal.

Legend told Jimmy Fallon that J. Ivy, a word artist from Chicago, was the first to call by what would become John’s stage name and that Kanye West also helped solidify the name. Everyone in the studio named him John Legend, but when Kanye West used the name in one of his songs, it went viral. “And one time, Kanye dropped a mixtape, and on the mixtape, he called me John Legend,” the singer elaborated. And it just started to spread to more people.”

When more people began calling him John Legend, the 42-year-old had to choose between using his current stage name or sticking with his given name. Teigen starred in Legend’s music video for “Stereo,” and she was the center of his affection and has been ever since. . The singer of “All Of Me” clarified that sticking to his stage name was also a source of inspiration for him to become a true music legend, even though he wasn’t quite there yet. Although the stage name works well when the singer performs, “The Voice” coach has not legally adopted his stage name, and his children carry his surname, Stephens.

Legend described his decision-making process as he weighed his two choices before making a major enough decision to change his mind. “Am I going to go for this more audacious name and declare myself a legend before I even have a record deal?” the singer wondered to himself. While music is an important part of Legend’s life, his family is still essential to him. His relationship with model Chrissy Teigen has been referred to as a couple of goals for a good reason.

The model and singer met on the set of a music video, and their two worlds collided. Legend admits that one of the first aspects that drew him to the model was her sense of humor. In December 2011, the award-winning artist got down on one knee to pop the query. Two years later, they walked down the aisle and have proven their love’s endurance since tying the knot. They haven’t had it easy, as the couple has failed to conceive naturally and has had to opt for IVF.

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