Kelsey Salmon is a TikTok influencer with a huge fan following on TikTok and Instagram. Kelsey is from Atlanta, Georgia.

Recently, Kelsey has been all over the internet for a rather embarrassing incident where she got her eyelid pulled off by a Chihuahua.

While getting an eyelash extension for her birthday, Kelsey’s whole eyelid was pulled off by a Chihuahua. She spent a day in a hospital treating the same on her birthday. How embarrassing and painful this birthday has been for Kelsey is unimaginable. Kelsey in a series of TikTok videos revealed that her lash technician’s Chihuahua dog jumped on her fiercely tearing off her eyelid. “It occurred so quickly that I had no idea what he had grabbed, and my eyelid was on the floor. She scooped it up and said, “You dropped your eyelid and that’s when I burst out laughing”, Kelsey stated. “She dialed 911, and I went to the emergency room. On my birthday, I was in the ER for 15 hours, and it took two hours to reattach it.” Kelsey further added.

Kelsey was airlifted to Kennestone Hospital in Atlanta, but the hospital referred her to Grady Hospital where two oculoplastic surgeons reattached her eyelid. Her eyes were stitched shut for 10 days as a recovery process.

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