Paige Price gave birth to her first child with actor Frankie Muniz. The couple are now parents to one child.

Muniz and his wife Paige Price welcomed their first child together, a son, Muniz declared this by posting a video on Instagram.

He also said that, “I’m a dad, guys, with his emotion”. The new dad said on his Instagram stories Wednesday, along with a video of him supporting the newborn. Muniz showed neither his son’s face nor his name. “I love him very much,” he expressed his love towards his wife. “I love my wife so much.”

In the last four and a half years, Paige and her husband have experienced so many amazing things together. They also said that, “We have traveled the world and seized all these single opportunities. We still believe that you are in the small moments among the great ones feeling happier, nothing compares to your little one’s heartbeat, “Muniz said at the time

Muniz also added in a caption: “I love my baby so much. And I love my wife more than ever. Welcome to parenthood! Frankie Muniz and his wife Paige Price brought their “true miracle” to the world.

After getting married in February 2020, the couple announced in October that they were expecting a child as they were surrounded by some family and friends in front of a garland of golden balloons. As Paige said, “I can’t wait to have a baby boy mommy.” “BABY!” Frankie wrote in her Insta headline. “Available March 2021!”

The former child star wastes no time and is already busy planning her baby’s future career path. When I heard the heartbeat and reality kick in for the second time, I added,” I threw out baby names and future career options. “

Paige said in the video that she was “incredulous” that she was pregnant. The struggle to get to all the doctor’s appointments made me feel less and less like a woman.”

Since then, the celebrity has said that she enjoys being pregnant, writing, “Very pregnant and in love every second.” On March 14, she gave an update that she was “very close.” Paige has a photo with the caption: “I’m waiting patiently for our fat monkey to find his way into the world.”

Frankie already knows that Paige will be the best parenting set she could ask for. “I am so happy that my son has the best mother in the history of mothers,” she told him earlier this month.

Her baby will surely have a lot of options when it comes to father-approved children’s programs. There are My Dog Skip, Big Fat Liar, Agent Cody Banks, The Fairly OddParents, and many more to choose from as she ages.

On her official website, Muniz wrote that the couple decided not to have a baby shower due to precautionary measures related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. He said that since his wife had a “very high-risk pregnancy “.

She has also written. “To be completely transparent, we are deeply saddened that due to our special circumstances we are unable to do what is considered ‘normal’.”

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