Ronald was best acknowledged on TikTok for creating viral videos with the help of his grandson Ryan Adams. He made more than 8.8 million followers on the website and became known as the “Grandfather of TikTok.” He even started calling his followers his “grandchildren”. After his success on TikTok, He expanded his reach to other platforms such as Instagram and YouTube.

TikTok has been known as a primarily youth platform for much of its life. While this categorize may be true in general, it doesn’t mean that older people aren’t using the social media site. One of the oldest people to become a star using the TikTok platform was Ronald Williams, who is now trending for sad reasons.

Sadly, Ryan took to TikTok this week to announce that his grandfather had passed away. He posted a montage of clips and photos of his grandfather with the attached caption: Thanks for the good times. Ronald Williams will never be forgotten. RIP grandpa.  Ryan then posted an additional video in which he spoke more personally about his grandfather and how much he enjoyed making videos.

Ryan expresses his sorrow by saying, “What did my grandfather mean to you? How did it affect his life? What is the only reason you pressed the follow button? Ryan asked, encouraging his followers to remember his grandfather. Ryan then told about his time with Ronald and how spreadable the optimistic outlook of his life was to those around him.

Ryan also said that, “My grandfather destined a lot for me,” he said, “he taught me to be myself.” “He broke my silence,” he continued. “Nothing would bother this man. He was full of joy. His soul is the purest I have ever seen in my life. He was my best friend. He is the best grandfather I could ask for, and he is in one.” where he no longer has pain. “

“He loved each and every one of you. He called you his grandchildren for a reason, because he cared so much about you. You were happy to see him in his videos and you made him happy. “

Cause of Ronald Williams Death

In his tributes to the life of his grandfather, Ryan did not explain what caused the death of his grandfather. However, in late February he announced that he and his grandfather would be temporarily leaving TikTok due to the health of his grandfather. I don’t want to go into too much detail, just keep it in his sentences,he said at the time. Ryan also said his grandfather underwent various procedures at the hospital.

Ronalds fans are likely to gamble on the cause of his death because Ryan did not explain exactly how he died. Instead, Ryan emphasized how his grandfather had lived and the important lessons he had personally learned from the man. Ronald may have been a viral feeling online, but his family loved him too, and that’s what’s even more important in the wake of this news.

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