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By the age of 25, Sean Whalen had conquered the life everybody wanted to live. A happy family, fast-growing business and all the fancy wealthy materials, happiness showered his life. Before Sean could rise further, he encountered some unexpected tragedies like divorce and depression. 

But Sean Whalen gained new values and perspectives from that phase. Lion Not Sheep is one of the examples of his new thinking. Whalen has become the fastest-growing entrepreneurs because of his assertive and brash approach for the business.

Short Bio Of Sean Whalen

Sean is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, coach. His mother raised him single-handedly. He came from a broken home where his father had abandoned his family. His unapologetic approach was rooted in childhood.

At a very early age, Sean knew the value of money. He pictured his mother as a hero that inspired him. Her words, “Remember who you are” is the most valuable lesson he learned from his mother. Seeing her work so hard for her family made Whalen think differently.

Sean Whalen introduced himself to money-making from childhood. From working with neighbors to selling juice in school, he did all. This spirit further emerged in adulthood. He started investing in real estate, tech companies, and many more. By the age of 25, Sean Whalen was a multi-millionaire.

But soon Whalen’s happiness got scattered. The market down of real-estate hit him hard. People stopped investing in real-estate which made Shean bankrupt. Soon after that, his marriage also failed. This devastating situation made Whalen go through depression.

Sean Whalen’s Struggle With Depression

With success, responsibilities come hand in hand. He describes his situation as “Juggling bowling balls”. He wasn’t able to keep that perfect balance between his professional and personal life. Everything on the outside seems very fancy but the inside was rusting rapidly.

Sean is always vocal about his depression. He had said in several interviews about the feeling he went through during those days. For 18 months he was living with anger, depression, anxiety. During those days, he felt he had no existence. He expressed his depression as a dark hollow that was attracting to end him. He has even talked about the attempt of ending his life due to depression. He once said, “I’ll never forget the taste of gunpowder and oil. I pray you never taste that taste”.

Batting with a hell of thought, he slowly found the light of heaven. His mantra of knowing the true self and believing in oneself changed his life. He challenged the society who perceived man as a solid rock with no feeling of emotion. He believed this perspective was the main reason for man’s depression.

Batting his depression and viewing life differently, he shared his experience with the people online. This made people suffering from depression feel they aren’t alone. To overcome depression and help people with that he started a movement  Lions, not Sheep.

Overcoming Divorce

The catastrophic phase Sean was going through piled up after his marriage failed. Whalen and his ex-wife, Summer went through a rough divorce in 2012.

Their divorce was such a mess that the police were involved while picking and driving off their children. But slowly Sean managed to handle his divorce. He even wrote a book, How to make Shit Happen to express the lesson he learned from his life.

His recent social media post about having dinner with his three children and his then-wife and her husband went viral. The post clearly shows that his equation with his ex-wife and children are very good.

He was able to convert all his dark period to glowy time. He battled with his life and came out as a strong lion. This attitude and growth in his personal development have made him reach the top. Sean is grown as a father, best-friend, loyal citizen, and a role model to all those people suffering from depression.

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