Star David Tennant plays notorious serial killer in ITV's Des trailer

David Tennant who is the legend of Friton’s Gold star is playing an outstanding role in a brand new big drama from ITV. The first trailer of the drama has come out. In the drama, David Tennant transformed into notorious serial killer Dennis Nilsen who is known to have murdered fifteen men who were homeless between 1978-1983 is also part of the drama. 

Neilson confessed to his crimes after his arrest, however he failed to tell the names of his victims. This behavior of the killer led the police to open a big investigation to find out who they were. Daniel Mays will play the role of detective chief inspector Peter Jay, who led the investigation for the justice of dead ones. The crown star Jason Watkins can appear as Brain masters, who acted as the Biographer of Nilsen. In the trailer, we can see the three caste members interacting with one another. In the drama, Tennant is looking particularly disturbing with his blank expressions, Blanche-from-Corrie glasses and Cardigans. 

Marvel’s Jessica Jones is the television series in which David Tennant plays an incredible role. So, fans will know that Tennant perfectly plays the ugly, horrible men as he is playing Charming Timelords. This can be a three-part drama which will show the newsreel and police investigation getting underway. ITV has not given a specific date for the premiere, but it is known that the drama will premiere in September. 

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