The new year is nearly around and so is our excitement. Bombarding this year with all genres of movies, Netflix is back again to set up some fire of movies from all languages. There are a lot of movies lined up for 2021. The following list contains our top five picks from Non-English genre releases in January and some more movie suggestions to binge-watch this year.

The 5 movies are listed below:

Azizler (2021)

Netflix is all set to make their Turkish-movie fan super happy. They are coming up with two new Originals from the same region. Azizler (2021) is one of them directed by The Taylan Brothers, who are famous for working in Tv and movies. This is a comedy-drama movie that tells the story of a middle-aged man who fades up with his life, so he creates a web of lies around him to break out from daily mundane.

Netflix Release Date: January 8th.


Cobra Kai (Season 3) 

The most awaited season for the fans of karate is finally here. Season 3 of the Cobra Kai is all set to bring more comedy and drama. The series based on the Karate kid film series has made its smashing debut with previous seasons earlier in 2020. They were titled among the Netflix top 10s when season 1 and 2 hit in summer 2020. This new season is the biggest release of Netflix and a must-watch this season.

Netflix Release Date: January 8th.


The White Tiger

Priyanka Chopra starred in this movie, the first Indian content releasing this year on Netflix. This movie shows a thrilling drama of a poor man on becoming a successful person. Ava DuVernay and movie’s lead star Priyanka are the producers of the movie. The White Tiger is set to release towards the end of January. 

Netflix Release Date: January 22nd.



50M2 (Season 1) 

The second Turkish movie that is all set to release on Netflix is 50M2. This movie is a thriller crime-drama that tells the story of a hitman and his journey as a new personality after betraying his boss. The lead role is played by Engin Öztürk. 

Netflix Release Date: January 27th.


Lupin (Season 1) 

Another Non-English drama that is highly anticipated this season is Lupin. Lupin is a French series based on the modern adaptation of Arsene Lupin. Omar Sy is playing the role of Assane Diop. But the exact date of the series is yet to reveal.

Netflix Release Date: TBD. 

IMDB: Not available.

Some Rumored Titles for January 2021
  • Gabby’s Dollhouse (Season 1) is rumoured for January 5th.
  • Double Dad (2020) is rumoured for January 15th

That’s all for this time, the list will be added after we get some confirmed news of movie release. 

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