Wrestler and Stuntman Stevie Lee Dies at age 54

Stevie Lee, also known as “Puppet The Psycho Dwarf” was a pro wrestler. Lee also starred in the movie “Jackass 3D. Lee, 54 years of age died on Wednesday. He suffered from a heart attack causing his death.

Colyer in conversation with CNN said, “He’s the nicest guy I’ve ever known. He enjoyed life, that’s what it was. He was all about living in the moment. Before acting, Lee made his name on the wrestling circuit, and Lee completely changed the sport of “Midget Wrestling.”

Lee was the founder of the Half Pint Brawlers, which later became a Midget Wrestling reality television show on Spike TV in 2010.

Colyer said, “Lee was like a big brother to everyone he met and could cheer up even the saddest person.”When he walks in with that big ol’ smile on his face, the whole room brightens up. I’m gonna miss that about him.”

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