In Benny’s song ‘Better Things,’ Alondra made an appearance. The music video gives fans an indication of their cute relationship. As Alondra was spotted with a baby bump, however, the end of the video surprised fans.  As the video provides a glimpse of their relationship, Benny’s new music has everyone falling in love with the couple. The most shocking portion of the video, however, happened to be towards the end. The video shows Alondra with a baby bump while Benny is sitting beside her with the lyrics “Let’s show them the surprise” playing in the background.

The two with a smile look at each other and enjoy the moment. Fans were quick to congratulate the couple.  Not even gonna lie I cried so hard watching @Alondradessy pregnancy video it’s crazy how happy you can be for someone you don’t even know lmao I love her and Benny though.

Not me crying at work watching @Alondradessy new YT video! My coworker is just watching me cry judging lmao.

Alondra is, in fact, pregnant. On June 9, she posted the video, “FINDING OUT I AM PREGNANT” on YouTube. She shot that video on 12th October 2020. In the video, she revealed that she was feeling nausea and abdominal pain for a couple of days. She had surgery on an eruption cyst a few months ago. At the time of the rupture of the cyst, she was having nausea. So, this time she felt that her cyst came back. She said, ‘I don’t know I am scared like I don’t wanna be pregnant and like drinking alcohol. I want to find out now before I go on any trip because I am on a trip for next month for my birthday and drinking is the last thing I would want to do if I am pregnant”. After seeing the result, she cried. Her friend congratulates her instantly. She again tested for the pregnancy to make sure and she was happy and crying at the same time. She told doctors to double-check her pregnancy. She said, “I feel like I need to hear from doctors for me to believe it right now”. She said, ‘ It is the best time to surprise Benny because he’s gonna be away for 3 days. So, it gives me enough time to plan out how I am gonna tell him and he has been waiting for this day for so long’. The video tends in number 1. 

The YouTuber shared another video on her Instagram with boyfriend Benny on January 11. In the video, the two stand next to each other as Alondra cradles her baby bump. She captioned the video as, “Baby Soliven coming June 2021.”

Alondra was previously dating YouTuber Tre Carter. In a YouTube video, she had opened up about their split. It is revealed Tre had cheated on her. Following this, Alondra started dating Benny. She denied the claims that she had cheated on Tre Carter with Benny. Benny and Alondra often post videos with each other. At the same time, their fans can have a sneak peek into their life through social media.

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